Who/what is Equissage?

Equissage was formed in 1989 for the purpose of offering massage therapy services to the equine athlete. Founded by two certified massage therapists, the company initially marketed its services at major East Coast racetracks. Prompted by their great success on Thoroughbred racehorses, the staff at Equissage moved on to many of the top-rated show barns in the region. In early 1990 the company began gaining national media attention and was subsequently featured in Sports Illustrated (July 16, 1990), on ABC Televesion's National Health Show, and in numerous cable television documentaries. In 1990, Equissage produced a full-length instructional video on equine massage techniques. The video had worldwide distribution and, as a result, the company introduced the nation's very first training program in equine sports massage therapy in 1991. The program has been a huge success with more than 8,000 therapists who have earned their ceritification through Equissage.

In the equine world we have seen the recent advent of professionals like equine chiropractor, equine physical therapist, and equine nutritionist. Because of the health promoting qualities of massage, as well as its curative properties, this therapy is being incorporated by knowledgeable equestrians as an intregral part of their horses' total and continuous health care program.

Canine Sports Massage Therapy

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