"Prior to receiving treatement from Linda, our dog Lulu had limited mobility and appeared to be in pain. She had difficulty running and jumping and didn't like to be petted or touched, especially on her back. Maybe most significantly, Lulu couldn't sit and beg, which was her favorite trick. After Lulu's first treatment, without any prompting from me, Lulu sat up and begged for a treat, for the first time in a year. She ran and jumped better and was much more playful and friendly". --Sally
"Linda came to my barn a couple of weeks before the Devon Horse Show this past summer to give my 7-year-old Lipizzan gelding several full body massages. The goal was to relax, tone and stretch his major muscle groups, enabling him to move more fluidly, especially to allow him to bring his hind legs better underneath him. It must have worked because he won Reserve Champion in his class! Thank you, Linda!" Monica Mock - Waterford, VA

"I would clearly state that Dr. Linda Hansen definitely made a positive impact upon our Main Coon cat Bailey’s physical and mental condition. Her highly professional approach to the issue resulted in a methodical, sound and productive course of action that quickly provided an enhanced quality of life to Bailey and fully eliminated the need for any invasive procedures, or even medication. Through her appropriate manipulation and other therapeutic procedures, she has nearly fully restored his mobility and has negated the need for any further medical treatment in regard to this issue." --Chris & Naomi McKelvey - Boiling Springs,PA MORE>>