"Linda, I hope you realize the impact you make on our horses. Linda came to our barn last summer to help our Tennessee Walking Horse who was lame and dragging his toes, the result of chronic stifle problems. After three sessions, he was back running in the pasture and carrying my husband safely on the trails. Now she's helping to re-habilitate another horse of ours as he recovers from the debilitating effects of neuro Lyme disease. During the first session, he would hardly stand still as she gently yet firmly kneaded his muscles but Linda never gave up. She moved as he did, always talking and reassuring him. Eventually he relaxed and later when she walked him in the pasture, he followed her around like a little puppy. During the next session, it was interesting to see him bend his formerly stiff neck around to nuzzle her as she worked and to hear him nicker at her if she ever paused -- which was rarely. We see a tremendous change in this horse. Not only are his muscles softer, so are his eyes. After each session, Linda leaves us with clear instructions for his exercise routine. Linda incorporates cupressure,Equissage TM, stretching exercises and chiropractic techniques (last with vet approval). Each therapy session is designed for the particular horse she's working on. We are so happy with Linda and how she helps our equine friends. For the first time, we expect to see complete recovery from equine Lyme disease".--Elaine Moore MORE >>