"Linda, I would like to thank you for your wonderful work with Star. You will recall the state of dismay that my trainer and I were in when we called you. I purchased Star in the summer when he had just come out of 60 days of dressage work with a top trainer. He was described to me by his former owner as “hot.” When I began working him at home I had great difficulty with him running through the reins, not accepting half-halts and just plain throwing his head up and lurching ahead during transitions. I signed up for monthly clinics with the former trainer and she would say he won’t bend, “kick him, kick him, kick him.”

My next step was to turn him over full-time to my own gentle and persistent trainer for 60 days to see if she could turn him around. After three weeks of little or no progress my trainer said that she was sure there was something physically wrong with the horse noting that he would not step under and would cross canter. The veterinary check did not suggest that anything was physically wrong. He thought the issues were training and behavioral. Although he suggested Star could benefit from some acupuncture and massage.

I am so grateful that my trainer knew you and that you made the time to come to her farm right away for an evaluation. I have had horses my entire life and had never used any alternative therapies. I will admit that I was thinking of your work as a last ditch effort. When your examination revealed the sore and tight spots at the poll, the withers, and the backend and you guided my hands so that I could feel with tightness I began to believe that Star just plain hurt.

After the very first treatment Star moved differently and I could feel under saddle that his hind end was moving differently. Also, his demeanor and ground manners had begun to change. After the second treatment he began to drop his head. That in itself was a minor miracle.

Most of all, Star would like to thank you for being the only one who could find his problems. He has benefited greatly from the acupressure, the laser, the electro-stim, and the adjustments. Star continues to improve with each treatment. " --
Dr. Paula F. Lindsay